Our Products and Brands

American Rainware is proud to offer several fully realized product brands to our dealers across the USA. Take a look at our primary products below.

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Gutter Hood Gutter Protection

Gutter Hood is a proven gutter protection product with a profile that is on millions of homes across the country.

The flow-limiting ribbed design slows and spreads water causing it to sheet instead of bead. Water wraps back around the "nose" of the Hood, and back into the gutter, while debris falls away.

Gutter Hood uses a superior bracket that screws to your fascia, instead of your roof. The bracket guarantees "nose forward" installation, and uses a self supporting design that strengthens your gutter system.

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Under Deck Oasis

Under Deck Oasis is an amazing aluminum product that keeps the underside of a second story deck dry and free from mold. This product is becoming increasingly popular through the USA.

The system consists of aluminum panels that interlock to form a water-tight barrier. The water is redistributed through a gutter and away from the deck and house.

Under Deck Oasis comes in two finishes- rustic textured and smooth matte. The finishes both come in 5 distinct woodgrain colors, and 7 solid colors.

Under Deck Oasis is installed nationwide by a network of dealers and contractors. It is also available for Homeowners to install themselves.

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Exclusive and Custom Product Brands

American Rainware has developed many exclusive brands for our dealers. If you are interested in exclusive branding for any of our products, or need help with your own brands, please give us a call.

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